Arnór Ragnarsson


I am

Arnór Aðalsteinn Ragnarsson (AAR), born and raised in Húsavík, Iceland and currently based there. I graduated with a diploma in web development from Vefskólinn.

I would categorize myself as an frontend developer with a good eye for design and some knowledge of backend development. I love creating fun and beautiful interactive applications.
Hard working, ready to learn new things and up for a challenge.

I am currently searching for a job as an frontend developer with the opportunity to work remotely from Húsavík.





This is

My portfolio website.
Written in Gatsby.js (React) with Styled-components.
It has been a hobby of mine alongside football, CrossFit, Star Wars and Lego to write code. I've spent countless evenings creating things just for the fun of it and to learn new skills.
I mostly like to program in JavaScript (React) but I've also been trying out Python, Swift and more to expand my knowledge.

What I'm working on now is to take these projects I've been playing around with and put them in my playground.

So the purpose of this website is to show that even though I lack real work experience. I do have experience in web development. It's one of the things that bring me joy and I want to make a career out of it.